Surviving Christmas

Christmas can be lovely and it can also be a tricky time for various reasons.

Protecting our own energies can play a part in enjoying Christmas. We all have an energy that surrounds our bodies (we are aware of this energy when someone steps too close (more so pre-covid). It feels like someone is in our space. We use this energy to pick up on the atmosphere when we enter a room of people.

We can feel this energy being revitalised when we spend time with like-minded people. When we are surrounded by negativity we feel this energy depleting.

SO, protecting your own energy can help you this Christmas if you find your energy is being drained by a situation….and this is how. Imagine you are within a bubble (or a Christmas bauble!)  You have an imagined ‘barrier’ between you and the situation. Imagine being safe in that bubble, slightly removed from the situation around you, and take a deep breath. You can do this as often as you need!

Merry Christmas!!


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