OMG…..The Menopause

Welcome to blog number 2!  So, in my first blog I mentioned there were a few OMG moments that came up whilst learning more about the menopause and Reflexology. We know that hormones affect so much within our bodies, but when I saw the list of systems and organs that are influenced by hormones, it was still a shock!  So here’s the list:






Immune System



Reproductive System

So, when our hormones start to change, all of these are affected too.  That’s a lot to deal with!  There is a lot of detail around each one on this list but I am keeping this blog light and not going to go into an anatomy and physiology lesson here.

The second OMG penny drop moment was learning that our stress hormone (Cortisol) amplifies menopause symptoms.  So, my advice today is to look at the things in your life that are stressing you out right now (and you can benefit from this whether you are going through the menopause or not) and aim to eliminate just one of those things.  It could be creating a new habit to replace a current stressful one, or creating a brand new relaxing one.

Creating relaxing habits and eliminating stressful ones have a cumulative effect so it can be tempting to change lots in one go,  but starting with one is good because it is more achievable.

Which one stressful habit/situation are you going to eliminate today? Or which new healthy habit are you going to start today?

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