Will I feel the same after every treatment?

Yes and no.  There is always a relaxing element to Reflexology.  It can’t help but to relax your body and your mind, but there can be differences in the way that you feel after each treatment.

Treatment 1 can bring a few nerves because it may be a new experience, new venue to visit, not knowing what to expect.  Some people find that they are surprised by how relaxed they feel afterwards.

How you feel after subsequent treatments can depend on many things, for example, the time of day that you have the treatment, how your day has been, whether you are feeling chatty or whether you want to switch off and close your eyes for the treatment.

Also, the benefits of Reflexology are cumulative, so you may not be feeling as stressed in general, for example, after a few treatments.  This will in turn affect how you feel.

So, how you feel after a treatment can vary and this is totally normal.  One thing is for sure, your body benefits in the way that it needs to after every treatment.

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