A thorough consultation will help you to have a tailored Reflexology treatment (currently consultations are done over the phone approximately a week before your treatment) The treatment is performed fully clothed except for shoes and socks.

We have a catch-up at the beginning of subsequent treatments to discuss how you have felt since the last treatment and to discuss any changes in your health.

It is fine to talk during the treatment if you like to, similarly you can close your eyes and relax if you prefer. I have regular Reflexology treatments myself and I find that I get the most out of them when I close my eyes and relax.

It is super relaxing, so many people fall asleep during their treatment. This is fine also and can show how much you needed the rest.

The pressure used during a treatment is firm and directional which is not ticklish. No-one has ever been too ticklish for a treatment yet........

Reflexology is very relaxing. There can be reflexes on the feet that feel tender when they are touched. This can mean that there is an imbalance in the body part relating to that particular reflex on the foot. The sensation can be described as being similar to when you receive a back and shoulder massage and knotted/tender muscles are identified. It is beneficial for these tender reflexes to be massaged to help the body's healing process.

Reflexologists are not qualified to diagnose illnesses. Reflexology can detect areas of imbalance and tension within your body. We can discuss this more at the time of the treatment. If you ever have concerns about your health I would always recommend that you visit your GP.

How you feel after your treatment will be very individual to you. Some people feel relaxed and sleepy, whilst others feel energised. I recommend doing as little as possible after the treatment and going with what your body feels like doing. This is not always possible in today's busy lifestyle, but if you can, it helps you to gain the maximum benefits of the treatment.

There is a possibility that a treatment can bring on a headache, or slight cold-like symptoms. This is transitory and a sign of healing.

This will depend on your reasons for having Reflexology.

My recommendation is to initially have a succession of 4 to 6 weekly treatments to give your body a chance to respond well. If your body has been out of balance for some time, it is fair to expect that it will take time and a number of treatments to regain balance. After this time, many people opt for a treatment once a month to keep them ticking along.

A treatment can also be taken and enjoyed as a one-off relaxing tonic.

Finances and time can dictate the answer to this question, but your body will thank you whenever you get the chance to have a treatment.