I have been aware of Reflexology since I was 9 when my Grandad took an interest and started to learn it. I was a guinea pig for him on many occasions, but it wasn’t until I had a treatment later on in life that it had a truly profound effect on me. The Reflexologist relayed to me what my body was ‘telling’ her through my feet and this led to me making decisions and significant lifestyle changes, for the better.

In 2004 I qualified as a Reflexologist and have been hooked ever since. I have trained to a clinical level since then and taken many courses. Each course is as exciting now as it always was, and I would class it as my hobby as well as my job.

I have a busy life, like a lot of people, and I also have to make time for myself, which I do through yoga, meditation and sewing. I am not perfect and have to keep a check on my lifestyle, to make sure I slow down and take time for me. I love to receive Reflexology, and although I can do the treatment on myself, it feels much better to take time out and receive a treatment in the same way that you do.

I am fascinated by energies, and continue to be amazed how our bodies ‘talk’ to us through our feet.


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