I have been aware of Reflexology since I was 9 years old, when my Grandad started to learn it. I still have his drawings of the feet with the labelled reflex points on.  It wasn’t until I had a treatment later on in life that it had a truly profound effect on me. Firstly, I was surprised by how super relaxing it was, but also, the Reflexologist relayed to me what my body was ‘telling’ her through my feet.  This led to some significant lifestyle changes, for the better.  I also decided I wanted to be able to read people's feet and help to relax people in the same way.

In 2004 I qualified as a Reflexologist and have been hooked ever since. I have trained to a clinical level and taken many courses. I have worked as a volunteer therapist at the Robert Horrell Cancer Wellbeing Centre at Peterborough Hospital. I continually learn about Reflexology as I find it fascinating.

I am also qualified and experienced in Reiki and Swedish massage.

My other interests are yoga, sewing, crystals, and energy work. I love to receive Reflexology, and although I can do the treatment on myself, it feels much better to relax and let someone else do it.



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