What stories do your feet have to tell?

I am an experienced Reflexologist, trained to a clinical level.  I work mainly from the Deepings Community Centre in Deeping St James.  I also volunteer at the Cancer Wellbeing Centre at Peterborough Hospital.  The benefits of Reflexology are far reaching, and may help to balance out your body and mind in more ways than you had hoped.

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Reflexology is a specialised form of massage given to reflexes on the feet to unblock energy pathways within the body.

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Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology works to rebalance systems within the body, which also includes those associated with fertility.

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Cancer Care

I am qualified to support you at this time, with a tailored Reflexology treatment to help alleviate the physical and psychological effects of the illness and treatments.

Will I feel the same after every treatment?

Yes and no.  There is always a relaxing element to Reflexology.  It can't help but to relax your body and your mind, but there can be differences in the way that you feel after each treatment. Treatment 1 can bring a few nerves because it may be a new experience, ...
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OMG…..The Menopause

Welcome to blog number 2!  So, in my first blog I mentioned there were a few OMG moments that came up whilst learning more about the menopause and Reflexology. We know that hormones affect so much within our bodies, but when I saw the list of systems and organs that ...
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Welcome to the first blog!

I am Helen the Reflexologist, or The Foot Lady as some people call me.  Blogging is new to me and I am excited about sharing information with you through these blogs.  I'll be honest, being consistent in posting is going to be a challenge, but I am going to challenge ...
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